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About Counselling

People often come to me with a problem: they want me to try and ‘fix’ them. But what they haven’t been told, is that counselling is not about a professional ‘fixing’ a broken vessel. It’s about the broken vessel bravely embarking on a journey to discover who they are. Many of life’s challenging and tragic circumstances prevent us from truly knowing ourselves. But it’s that journey of self-discovery which can unlock powerful and lasting healing in our lives. The more time we spend accepting who we are, the more empowered we will become to embrace change and live the life we have been seeking. This is the counselling journey; one I will gladly travel with you. It won’t be about fixing, but it will be about finding deep meaning and a renewed purpose in your life.

About me

My journey began with a broken vessel. But initially I thought that broken vessel was my brother, Tony.

Tony was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 22. It was a shock to watch the athletic, kind and gentle young man I love turn into an empty shell. The injustice of mental illness took Tony from us, and in its place left a man who still hears voices and valiantly battles every day to accept who he truly is.

But it was the journey of grappling, reading and discovering with Tony that led me towards my own brokenness. I found myself to be just a man riddled with insecurity, fear and false pride.

Now having sat, listened and cried with many clients, I have realised how incredible Tony and countless others are for the journey they have been on, and that they choose life every single day. Tony is now more gentle and accepting of himself and others than he has ever been, and it’s a privilege to continue to journey with him.

I am in awe of people, and I have made it my ambition to sit and offer a place to which they can come to wrestle, scream, weep, sing and eventually, find the hope and inner strength to stand tall again.

Today, I have found that I am only a few inches taller than when I started my journey, but it has been well worth the hours of training, listening and vulnerability.

I invite you to grow with me, and begin your own journey of self-discovery.