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“Being vulnerable is the only way to allow your heart to feel true pleasure” – Bob Marley

I have learnt in my short journey so far that being vulnerable, although incredibly difficult, becomes like an addictive, pain-killing drug – in fact it is better than just taking pain away, it replaces it with bliss.

The exhilaration I have felt when sitting in the counselling chair and coming face to face with vulnerability cannot be matched. Blood rushes. Heart quickens. Eyes prick with tears. The adrenaline of standing on the edge looking at the emotional jump is like facing the hollow blackness of the unknown and not being sure you will ever emerge unscathed.

But somewhat surprisingly – and perhaps with a little inexperienced fumbling – you will emerge on the other side my friend, and what you will find is a glorious light like you’ve never known.

I believe this place of raw and open vulnerability is when we are most fully human, and facing up to that fact and living through – it warts and all – is what will spark lasting change in our broken lives.

Once you have made it to that place of vulnerability – that blissful abandonment which says, “this is me, just as I am” – you will want to stay.

And so you should.

You will emerge my friend, and what you will find is a glorious light like you’ve never known.

Vulnerability is contagious.

The more we open ourselves up, the more we invite others to do the same.

I remember a time where I was able to share a story never uttered in words due to deep embarrassment and shame. Within the safety of a trusting relationship, I took the leap of faith and ventured out into deep waters. It felt isolating, yet empowering all at once.

After sharing my heart, there was silence. Then my companion said, “Thank you, that was brave. It meant a lot.”

Relief flooded in – there was no accusation. No judgement. No shame. Just acceptance and gratitude.

As a result, our relationship has deepened significantly and I feel more myself than ever before. This is more than warm and fuzzy friendship.

This is true pleasure.

Living with fear