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Clients’ Experience

I am grateful to everyone of these people who have taken the time to write a few words about their experience of my counselling, I hope you find them helpful, honest and informative.

I am also thankful for every client who has been brave enough to sit in my therapy room and share their life with me (pictured here).

The children were always delighted to see him.

“Gary supported a variety of children in our school with differing needs. The children were always delighted to see him and saw their time with him as a highlight of their week.

Gary took a genuine interest in the children. He worked hard to organise programmes that enabled them to develop strategies to understand their individual situation and approach the future with positivity.

Gary was sensitive to the changing needs of the children during the programmes, adapting and altering them to make them effective.

Gary made a real difference to each of the children that he worked alongside.”

Elizabeth Petterson, Headteacher, Saltwood and Bodsham Primary schools

Emotionally stronger

Not having experienced counselling before, I went to Gary feeling confused, self-indulgent and reticent about the whole process.

After twelve sessions, I came away emotionally stronger and more confident in my own ability to make decisions and manage my life.

Gary’s quiet, gentle, accepting manner helped me learn to value qualities in myself and others and the time with him has provided a set of tools that I now use everyday.


An enormous impact on the lives of young people

“Gary has been working with the Youth Provision Team at the Romney Resource Centre since early 2014 where he came highly recommended from another local educational provision. He has proved to be a key member of the team providing vital 1-1 and group support to young people in need of counselling; especially to those that are unable or unwilling to access more traditional services and to those for whom the waiting lists are paralysingly long.

His strength is in bringing the counselling service to the young person in an environment and through an activity and in a manner that puts them at ease and gives the process the best chance of success.

Gary’s interventions and support have made an enormous impact on the lives of several young people that he has worked with. He has enabled them to continue to engage with their education and process their issues and challenges using tools and methods that will be further enabling in their futures.

Gary is a tremendous asset to our team and provides great added value to our services.”

Amanda King, Head of Youth Provision, Romney Resource Centre

A sense of inner peace

Whilst having joint relationship counselling, our counsellor suggested individual counselling would be beneficial in respect of personal issues that may need to be addressed. Having reflected on this, I agreed and on recommendation, met with Gary Lamb.

This decision and the subsequent meetings I had with him, have made a hugely positive impact on my life. Through counselling, I identified ‘deep rooted’ issues that I had ‘boxed up’ as they were too painful to deal with. To bring these out and deal with them, though painful, was liberating and, greatly enhanced my feelings of self worth, confidence and sense of inner peace.